Hijos de Villa Reposado - Pistol


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Awesome Bottle - Tequila's Not Bad!

From Tequila Gringo:   We were pretty sceptical of this just because the bottle looked like a marketing gimick (it is).  But we picked up one anyway as a gift for a friend because that marketing gimick works (it's awesome).  Two things happened.  One, the guy we gave it to absolutely LOVED it.  Two, it shocked the heck out of us when it turned out to be an ok tequila, we liken it to Cazadores Repo.  Pale yellow color and an agave smell.  Medium heat.  Agave notes.  WAY better than Cuervo.  Not on the best list, but who cares, it's a completely awesome gift.  Next time you're going to a party, taking a trip to Mexico, whatever - show up with a couple of these and you'll be talked about for the rest of your life as that awesome guy/gal who brought the tequila in the pistols.  And yes, they also make a rifle - it's $100 bucks but it's pretty amazing looking and comes with a wood stand.  One note - we're getting reports that this is a mixto, not 100% agave.  Bevmo lists it as 100% agave on their site but our readers are saying it's not.  So, beware of hangovers!


tequilla handgun

dude where can i get one of these i so want one for a decoration talk piece please let me know

Did you ever find one? If

Did you ever find one? If not et me know where you live. I can locate a retail store for you.

We are the exclusive distributor for this and many other products. See us at www.mexcor.com

Hijos De Villa

hello i have been hunting for a retailer to pick up this tequila bottle i am in vancouver BC Canada i travel to washington for grocerys and other shopping where in bellingham would i be able to find this thanks again you are appreciated if you could reply to my email BCarrero84@Hotmail.com


I have bottle #1414, and let me tell you... The Tequila is really really harsh. The bottle is cool, the tequila is bad. Burned the lining right off my throat. Beware !!! You have been warned.


i have bottle #207. i figured the tequila would be bad


i have bottle #207, also figured the tequilla was bad so im just saving it as a decoration

Great Find

Bought mine at Costco after Finding a bottle with the number #1911. Since this is the actual model number of the pistol (Colt 45 Model 1911) I had to buy it. Very Cool

i'm trying to get one of

i'm trying to get one of these shipped to spain, either full or empty, i only want the bottle. would be happy to go thru ebay. any takers?

bottle gun

I have 1 shaped like a 45 still full. I also have fun shaped like a shotgun still full. Let me rephrase that not a shotgun a rifle. 904-254-3864.

what a great gift

I loved it. I am not a reposado lover. Siilver is my thing. But I love the botle. Excellent conversation piece. Not many tequila lovers where I am. This was the best. I can't wait to get the rifle!

Tequila is not bad, but a definite conversation piece

It's not often I get home from the store and sample a tequila I just bought. However, I had to know if this was a gimmic or a well worth the purchase. I took a small sample, and would guess it is a mixto, but had a hard time deciphering. It was very drinkable, with agave notes and a little smokeyness, but burned on the way down and was somewhat unsmooth. It wasn't a bad reposado, I'm glad I only purchased one. I will sample it out to a few of my tequila sipping buddies. Other than a conversation piece, the Hijos de Villa was $22 for a 200mL bottle, which put an approximate $75 price tag on a 750mL - not worth the price.

I'll give Hijos de Villa Reposado Tequila a four out of five star rating for two reasons: one presentation which makes it a great conversation piece. And two, the tequila is very drinkable and well worth sampling at the smaller price even though it's a smaller bottle. Just don't set your expectations too high; there are much better reposados around - just not with a bottle as cool as this!

gun bottle45

i can get one for 30 i was wondering how much 4 urs my name is dave

want one

def want one can only find links but none of them let me purchase the item just look and read about it.

Gun tequila bottle

Are you still have one bottle available for sale? for how much?

Gun tequila bottle

Hello! are you still have the Gun tequila bottle for sale? and for how much?



Will be in Boulder Area soon if everything works out ok. I'll repost when it's in the store with exact location.

Available online

There all over online now. FYI.

No store in the state carries

No store in the state carries these. They have been turned down a couple of times by the LCB in trying to place the product in state liquor stores. I would look on eBay or at an online retailer.

Hijos De Villa

just bought 2 different glass gun bottles online @ www.shopmerwins.com, (Merwins liquors) both Hijos De Villa tequila...Father's Day gift, hope he likes them.... will check back after I get them.
$27.99 each.....one of them comes in a wood box with 2 shotglasses

Just bought a bottle

I just received a Reposado and Blanco from shopmerwins.com. Best price online and it arrived quickly.


I'm in Queens NY, and need to get a bottle of this before Friday. The .45 bottle. Can anyone be of help, cause I'm brick walling. Don't want to have to pay to ship, if possible. TNX. Paul


I just got the revolver for my birthday on Sat. My sister found it and the tommy gun at Sam's club. Hope this helps


I would like to order one could someone tell me how to get one with the Tequila in it

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