Casa Dragones

From TequilaGringo: 90 pts
This is a particularly expensive, ultra high-end tequila, and we liked it! The nose has some vegetal hints, and very little burn. Initial taste was vegetal, with prominent sweet agave. As the taste progressed, it became a sweet pear and it kept getting sweeter, until the finish which was almost sugary. It has a silky, velvety mouthfeel that makes it highly drinkable – you roll this bottle out at a table service club and you’re all gonna be in the tank in no time because it’s incredibly easy-drinking, super low heat, very very smooth. Many aficionados will look for more “gusto” but this is for someone who appreciates quality and wants to just have a simply enjoyable time sipping tequila. You buy a bottle and start the night, in no time you’re going to be wishing you bought two! The bottle and packaging are beautiful, and when combined with the drinkability and price, this is a particularly thoughtful gift that will no doubt be enjoyed, dare we say LOVED.

From Casa Dragones:

Our Maestro Tequilero hand finishes the production of Casa Dragones Joven, blending un-aged silver tequila with the perfect amount of extra aged tequila, rested in American oak barrels for over 5 years, for an exceptionally balanced, complex, smooth taste that is perfect for sipping and pairing with food. This final touch results in 100% Blue Agave Joven Tequila, one of the five official classifications of tequila, defined by this delicate blend of silver and extra aged tequila.

Our Maestro Tequilero and a select group from the Academia Mexicana de Catadores de Tequila (Mexican Academy of Tequila Tasters) participated in writing our tasting notes.

Body & Color – Rich silk body, with brilliant platinum hues and long pronounced legs, indicating a full body with a sleek texture on the palate.

Aroma – Fresh and inviting, subtle floral and citrus aroma with notes of sweet roasted agave.

Taste – Soft and smooth with hints of vanilla and spiced undertones, balanced with delicate notes of pear.

Finish – Clean, warm finish with hints of hazelnut and a bright, open aftertaste.

Where to buy: We tasted at Los Angeles’ Mel and Rose, a place that has a very nice selection and knowledgable staff, you can buy from them



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