Herradura Seleccion Suprema


TequilaGringo 93 pts. We just loved this tequila. We were down in Cabo San Lucas at the home of the owner of the famous restaurants The Office and Edith’s, and had an oppty to try this from her personal collection, in a Reidel glass of course. It was like no other tequila we’ve had, frankly. It has an almost syrupy consistency to it, and its rich caramel and almond flavors were truly unique, 49 months in a barrel will do that sort of thing. Not too much agave interestingly enough, but this is definitely a tequila. Highly recommended, and on our Best list.
From Beverage Warehouse
Introduced in 1990, Seleccion Suprema is made from 100% Tequilana Weber Blue Agave. Excellence is the only word to describe this World Class drink; the ultimate expression of Casa Herradura. A limited edition masterpiece made from only the best of the estate grown agaves, creating a magical product without equal. Full-bodied, thick, creamy, and silky. Delicate smell of boiled agave, a dried wood presence with cinnamon, rose lips and a vanilla touch. It possesses a very dark amber color, showing its barrel aging. The taste confirms the boiled agave and the smooth wooden texture. Creamy to the palate and very subtle when swallowed. Very elegant.

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