DesMadre Reposado

TequilaGringo 90 pts

This one appeared in the market in early 2016 and had the street cred of NOM 1519, the distillery that created the highly regarded original pre-Diageo, pre-Diddy DeLeon tequila. They’re at it again, this time with a reposado that’s spent 8 months in bourbon barrels and made with water from their well in Guanajuato. And for all of us – that’s a great thing!

It’s a very easy nose that brings the sweetness of a highland tequila. A beautiful deep gold/amber, a hair darker than the Don Julio 1942 we had it next to actually. We got a nice heat, some oak, plenty of agave and some black pepper out of the taste. And it’s all packaged with a perfect velvet mouthfeel. We’re putting it on our Best list – it’s that good.

We picked up ours at La Jolla’s Keg n’ Bottle.

NOM 1519. Tasted Mar 2, 2018 in a flight with DJ 1942

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