Partida Anejo

Tequila Gringo 89pts
Partida is one of the old names in premium tequila in the US so we were excited to give it a try. Unfortunately for it though, we had it in a tasting with Casa Noble Anejo and Chinaco’s Anejo, and it just didn’t hold up in our opinion. It was very pleasant but it’s fruity taste didn’t quite work for us in comparison with the other tequilas. Don’t get us wrong, this is fantastic tequila and if you’re at a bar with this as one of it’s few choices you can’t go wrong – but if you’re building your personal collection we wouldn’t start here.
Partida Añejo exhibits a depth of flavor that only comes from advanced aging. It has intense golden color with ochre and copper tones and is clean and full-bodied, with a fruity aroma exhibiting notes of cherry, almond and spices. The flavor has soft honey fruit tones, with hints of spices and dried fruits reminiscent of sweet pear and almond, and a very pleasant finish. Tequila to be savored slowly.

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