Casa Noble Extra Anejo

TequilaGringo 97 pts: 

Let’s just start with, “wow”. We were already huge huge fans of the five year, so we came into this with high hopes. The bottle is a very similar design to the 5 year, but with silver accents where on the 5 year there’s gold. Each bottle is also numbered and signed in a classy way. We found that it had a familiar nose, similar to the 5 year. Taste followed with delicious caramel, perhaps just a bit stronger than the 5 year we’d grown accustomed to (though that of course could simply be the barrel our tequila came from). The finish, amazingly smooth. This tequila won the double gold at the 2009 SF Spirit Awards, and with good reason. Treat yourself to a little something special and go out and grab one of the limited quantity bottles.

DSC_6367From Casa Noble:

100% Blue Agave Triple Distilled Family of Ultra Premium Tequilas. Casa Noble Single Barrel Reposado and Single Barrel Anejo Tequilas are individual works of unparalleled quality. We at Casa Noble are proud to bring a limited number of single barrel edition tequilas to aficionados who truly appreciate the mastery of the finest aged spirits in the world. You may have come across reserves and limited edition tequilas but Casa Noble has redefined luxury by developing the first single barrel program in the tequila world. In the tradition of the finest single barrel whiskies, our program has exceeded every expectation in creating an ultra premium tequila aged in its own barrel. The aging process begins by using only the finest, hand-selected French white oak barrels that are lightly charred for the optimal aging of our tequila. We extend the aging of Casa Noble Reposado for 364 days, the maximum and most desired length of aging for Reposado Tequila, and an unprecedented five years for our Anejo. This lengthy process is carefully monitored               by our Maestro Tequilero for flavor evolution and evaporation which is known as the angel’s share. The hand-made bottles in our single barrel program are then individually numbered, labeled and signed by the Makers. Each barrel has its own unique flavor               footprint that makes every bottle a true masterpiece, one that is both precious and unique. We hope you enjoy your bottle of Casa Noble Single Barrel Anejo or Reposado as much as we have enjoyed crafting them for you.

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