Fortaleza Blanco

TequilaGringo 92 pts:

Here’s a great old school tequila. Stone crushed, just how they used to do it. Much more laborious than the way most tequilas are made today, but damn if the old way didn’t produce a better tequila. They take 8 yr old agave plants (8-10 is pretty typical) and cook for 33 hours. Then it ferments for 3 and a half days in wood barrels. From there, it goes into nice hand blown glass bottles with a pina looking top that’s made from ground marble. Old school looking bottle is perfectly fitting for this production process. The nose is pretty remarkable for a blanco with some fruit and earth, and we found the taste to be very unique for a blanco as well. It’s a low-land tequila, which naturally brought in more earthy, herbal flavors from the agave, just the right balance. Somewhat oily mouth feel. Clear in color. If you’re in Mexico, you’ll find it under the name Los Abuelos.


From Fortaleza:

October 31, 2007 – Tequila Los Abuelos announces their new label name, FORTALEZA, for the United States market. Tequila FORTALEZA, or Fortitude, is the same excellent Los Abuelos tequila, made with the artisan traditions handed down for five generations, is now named after their historic distillery, Destileria La Fortaleza. The new label name will be available in the USA in November 2007. This product will be available in Mexico only under the label name Los Abuelos.

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