El Tesoro Paradiso

TequilaGringo 91 pts:

This is just a great, rich, complex tequila.  One of our favorites right after a big meal, truly, it’s paradise.  The cognac barrels really add a lot to this tequila, and you’ll notice that right away.  If you like extra anejo’s you’ll be happy with this one. We loved it!

From The Official Site:

Irresistible and deliciously smooth. Literally a “paradise” created by Don Felipe Camarena and Alain Royer of A. de Fussigny Cognac, this unique, handcrafted blend of 100% blue agave tequilas takes on a remarkable elegance from its distinct, Cognac-barrel aging process.

From Beveragewarehouse.com:

El Tesoro de Don Felipe is the last of its kind. This work of art is the only tequila still produced entirely in the old traditional method: by hand. Don Felipe personally walks his fields and selects agave plants for their maturity and quality. Irresistible and deliciously smooth. Literally, “paradise”-a skillful blend of handcrafted tequila with a superior cognac, created by Don Felipe Camarena and Alain Royer of A. de Fussigny Cognac. It’s aged up to five years in bourbon and cognac barrels

From wineloverspage.com:

El Tesoro Paradiso ($90) The sales reps unveiled this pricey model with reverence, saying it’s made in tiny supplies and rarely offered at tastings. A blend of top-end tequila with a bit of French Cognac, it’s aged first in Bourbon barrels, then in barriques that previously housed fine Cognac, seeing a total of five years in wood. OK, fine … but just as with wine, so it is with liquor: Aggressive over-oaking is lost on me. It’s a rich dark-gold color, with an odd aroma that I find offputting – I don’t share with the sales guys my feeling that it reminds me of the glue on old-fashioned brown-paper packing tape. Or, to be more kind, “vivid herbal and medicinal characteristics.” Peppery, smooth and quite full-bodied, it’s easier to sip than to sniff. Prized by tequila connoisseurs, I’m sure, but personally I would put my $90 elsewhere.


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