Don Julio Blanco

TequilaGringo 91 pts:

We love this tequila, and think it’s a wonderful place to start trying better tequilas.  Citrus comes through right away, and you’ll be blown away by it – particularly if all you’ve had in your life is a Cuervo Gold that your buddy made you drink with lime and salt.  Careful though, it’s the kind of taste that may get you hooked on tequila, then you’ll have to start a website about tequila and you’ll lose all your free time and.. well, we digress.

donjulioblanco(the old school bottle)

From Beverage Warehouse

Since 1942 Don Julio has cultivated agave that requires seven to ten years to reach its full maturity under the brilliant sun of Los Altos de Jalisco.  As in those years, Don Julio continues to produce this tequila with the same care at “La Primavera” distillery. Pure and fresh agave aromas blend with a crisp and clean flavor that ends with a light finish and a touch of black pepper.

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