Gran Patron Platinum

TequilaGringo 89 pts:

This tequila gets a lot of buzz because of the perceived high quality that most people attribute to the Patron brand, and because of the incredibly high price. We did find it smooth, with a medium heat, but frankly, this just wasn’t something we loved. Don’t get us wrong, this is a great tequila and if you offer us a shot we’re there in a heartbeat, but we just felt that for the price it should be, more, I dunno, special. We had this in a flight with mostly anejos and that may have hurt it some, so perhaps in a flight with other blanco’s we’ll feel differently. To be continued…

From the official site

Gran Patron is the world’s finest platinum tequila. Triple distilled then aged to perfection, it is a true connoisseurs silver tequila. This is the smoothest sipping tequila ever produced.

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