Corzo Anejo

TequilaGringo 89 pts:

We were thrilled when this bottle arrived in the mail from Corzo. Previously, we bought it for one of our birthday parties and everyone loved it – no better testament than this: it was gone within 30 minutes. Each bottle is 7-12 years in the making. They use twice the agave compared to most other tequilas. Though more expensive, they cut down to the purest heart of the distillate. The tequila is from the Los Altos de Jalisco area, and that higher altitude produces agave with a higher sugar content making for sweeter flavors. Corzo’s also the only tequila to incorporate a second mellowing process prior to the third distillation. The double mellowing enhances the oak and vanilla flavors while maintaining the softness and smoothness of the finish. The nose has a nice, sweet agave smell with a little honey and a little barrel. The taste followed with more sweet agave, and a delicious long finish that brought in a bit of honey. Mouthfeel was clean, and light. Don’t let the fancy modern design of the bottle fool you, this is great stuff that holds it’s own with the old school brands.   This is a standout tequila. They have great distribution, so you’ll find it in many liquor stores and if you find yourself staring at a wall of bottles – know that you can grab this one and always be happy.


Yellow gold color. Warm caramel, potpourri, and golden raisin aromas. A round supple, entry leads to a delicately sweet, oily medium-to full-bodied palate with rich flavors of honeyed toast, brown spice, and dates. Finishes with a long sweet fade of baked fruits, spice, and toffee. Yummy.

From BevMo: Aged for more than one year in small white oak barrels for an authentic, smooth flavor Corzo Anejo is the finest super-premium tequila.

From Corzo’s Site:

On the nose, fresh and delicate agave with light floral notes.  Incredibly smooth and rich honey and caramel tones balance full agave flavor on the mid palate.  Perfect balanced, finish is pleasingly long yet clean with gentle hints of oak.  Perfect for sipping.

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