1921 Reserva Especial

Tequila Gringo 89pts
This one drinks like an anejo more than like a repo, is marketed sort of like an anejo, but my understanding is that some of it is aged 9 months, while other batches are aged over a year (you must age it over a year for it to be an anejo) depending on how many times the barrel has been used before. Regardless of age, their process has created a winner. We REALLY enjoyed this tequila. It’s one of our favorites to smell frankly, and the taste is not to be missed. We picked up vanilla, and mostly enjoyed it because it tastes like tequila with it’s agave flavors coming in, where some other high quality tequilas almost don’t. Add this to the list of great bottles that can be had for around 50 bucks.
From the Official Site
Authentic Taste of the white oak barrel aged for almost 9 months, where the wood has blended it’s most sophisticated characteristics from the agave of Jalisco’s soil… the most sophisticated taste of dry fruit, herbs, vanilla

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