Cabo Wabo Reposado

Tequila Gringo Review 88pts
Having had a few great nights back in college at Cabo San Lucas’ Cabo Wabo Cantina (man that air conditioning was key) we were ready to give Sammy Hagar’s effort a shot (pun intended). Sure all the locals down there say the tequila is no good, that you have to get Don Julio anejo etc, but we’re gringo’s so we went for it and assumed that was just the local’s national pride. So here’s what we got: A pale straw color, and a smokey, almost mescal-like taste with a lot of heat. The net-net, if you’ve only had cuervo gold, you’re gonna love this, if you’ve had the good stuff tho – this disappoints. For a few more dollars, you can do SO much better.

available at Keg n’ Bottle


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