Don Julio 1942

TequilaGringo Review: 93 pts

Light yellow color and a vanilla smell. We like vanilla. Cause it smells good. Tastes pretty good too, and in the 1942 the vanilla carries into the taste. 2.5 yrs in the barrel will do that for you. This tequila is expensive, but it’s frankly quite remarkable and in our opinion, completely worth it. This has earned an eternal spot on our Best Anejos list and is one of our favorite tequilas of any variety. When you travel to Mexico, ask most people which tequila to get and they’ll immediately tell you to get Don Julio. They usually mean their blanco, repo and anejos, and that’s good advice, all are great – but this is a cut above. If you ever have the opportunity to try some, do it – you won’t be able to say you lived a full life until you do.

From Don Julio:
Oak’s apparent in the nose. Heady vanilla body with just a hint of caramel. The vanilla carries over to the glass, and it’s surprising in the first taste. The agave is unbelievably balanced, the sugars so perfectly apparent in the glass, but not overpowering. It drinks like wine. Since 1942 Don Julio has cultivated agave that requires seven to ten years to reach its full maturity under the brilliant sun of Los Altos de Jalisco. As in those years, Don Julio continues to produce this tequila with the same care at La Primavera distillery.

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