Hijos de Villa Reposado – Pistol

Tequila Gringo 87 pts
We were pretty skeptical of this just because the bottle looked like a marketing gimmick (it is). But we picked up one anyway as a gift for a friend because that marketing gimmick works (it’s awesome). Two things happened. One, the guy we gave it to absolutely LOVED it. Two, it shocked the heck out of us when it turned out to be an ok tequila, we liken it to a poor man’s Cazadores Repo. Pale yellow color and an agave smell. Medium heat. Agave notes. Better than Cuervo. Not on the best list, but who cares, it’s a completely awesome gift. Next time you’re going to a party, taking a trip to Mexico, whatever – show up with a couple of these and you’ll be talked about for the rest of your life as that awesome guy/gal who brought the tequila in the pistols. And yes, they also make a rifle – it’s $100 bucks but it’s pretty amazing looking and comes with a wood stand. One note – we’re getting reports that this is a mixto, not 100% agave. Bevmo lists it as 100% agave on their site but our readers are saying it’s not. So, beware of hangovers!

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